The Wildmist Story

CTC Conservation Center was established in 2015 and still under further expansion and striving to be Uganda’s leading privately owned conservation, education and tourist facility located 15 min out of Mpigi town which is 36km from Kampala on Masaka Road. The centre is not yet fully opened to the public but allows limited visits for the time being strictly on appointment and for a minimum booking of two persons. Wildmist Adventures tours and travel in partnership with CTC Conservation Center offers the packages as follows:-

Our exchange rate is the current forex rate of UGX 3900/USD and due to change any time of the booking.

Standard Tour

Approx. 3 hour tour including interaction with the young lions of 3 months age, Zebras, Impalas, Chameleons, Bat eared Foxes, Tortoises, baby crocodiles, snakes and other animals USD 100 per adult / 70 per Child 5 years and above. Minimum age for lion cubs 5 years, all other animals no minimum age.

Complete Full Tour

All our animals and all below options included, both small lion cubs and large teenage lion, zebras, lemurs, impalas, crocodiles, tortoises, snakes etc. USD 150 per adult / USD 95 per child

Lions Only
Spend 1 full hour with the lion cubs of 3 months only USD 80 / 60 per person for adults / children above 5 years.
Minimum age for lion cubs 5 years, no other animals included in this package only lion cubs.

If you like to interact with both the young lion cubs and one of the 1.5 year old lion teenagers after each other in either standard tour or lions only, additional charge of usd 35. Minimum age for teenage lions is 10 years.
This is already included in complete full tour.


Lemurs of Madagascar (can be added to any of the above standard tour or lions only). Spend 30 minutes with our lemurs and feed them some of their favourite food. You can take pictures with them. US$ 20 per person, all ages allowed.
Can only be booked together with one of the above options standard tour or lions only.
This is already included in complete full tour.

Adults are considered 16 years and above.

Children 5 years to 15 years

Toddlers below 5 years are charged usd 35 but can not interact with lions unless agreed upon which then will be the child rate of usd 70.

We currently have the following animals, most of which are free roaming in fenced sectors of the facility;

Lions, Spotted Hyenas, Striped Hyenas, African Painted Dogs, Black Backed Jackals, Side Striped Jackals, Bat Eared Foxes, Palm Civets, Serval Cats, Caracal Cats, African Golden Cats, Crocodiles, Parrots, Warthogs, Lake Mburo Zebras, Kidepo Maneless Zebras, Impalas, Waterbucks, Oribis, Uganda Kob, Leopard Tortoises, Iguanas, Chameleons, Snakes, Bushbabies, Lemurs among others.

Feel free to let us know for which day you would like to make a booking.

*Kindly note all bookings will only be confirmed and held after a USD 100 / UGX 390,000 non refundable deposit is paid by bank or mobile money to Wildmist Adventures.